Any Kind of Luck at All

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Ann Douglas, June 2022Utterly compelling. Not only is the author of this memoir funny and smart: she’s also incredibly honest. The fact that she’s also a feminist with unapologetically leftist politics AND someone who is obsessed with social justice and electoral reform made this book completely irresistible to me. Highly recommended.”

Amie’s Books Reviews, June 2022 “I believe she was always destined to be a writer, and not just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill kind of writer. Her writing has the potential to change lives for the better. Mary’s life experiences are vast and varied. The lessons she has learned throughout her unconventional life contain wisdom that can be applied to every one of us.”

Enid Wray, May 2022This is a Mom demanding that her family’s experience – her own formative experiences, her marriage, her children’s formative experiences, and her daughter’s death – bring about necessary change. Change in perspective. Change in public policy. There is no way that anyone reading this book cannot be moved to tears, and then to action. This is a must read book for this year… and it needs to be shipped out as required reading to every politician, and prospective politician, across the country.

Winnipeg Free Press, November 2021Any Kind of Luck at All is a very readable book, with family stories and anecdotes that help to illustrate the author’s points. Some readers might find it difficult to identify with some of her experiences, while others might find the story’s tragic elements overwhelming. However, the story still highlights the value of courage and resilience in a way that readers can enjoy. Overall, the book is a thought-provoking and entertaining memoir.

Lindsay Wincherauk, October 2021Breen’s ability to reveal devastating heartache and sorrow in a soul-shaking manner is unfathomable. Breen lays herself bare as she invites readers into the throes of the unrelenting assaults of mental health and addiction. Breen unapologetically, despite the horrific cards she’s been dealt, doesn’t wallow. But instead sheds light on the need to cauterize the horrendous challenges humanity faces as we meander the rocky roads of life. And then humanize those of us who are struggling…Breen’s unbridled love for her family and her amazing daughters is crystal clear. And while facing unbearable grief, Breen, in all of life’s flawed glory, lets others know what everyone needs: love and understanding without the shackles and shallowness of judgment.

Author Nancy Jo Cullen: “Mary Fairhurst Breen takes readers with her on a journey of resiliency in the face of intergenerational mental illness and addiction challenges. Without minimizing her and her family’s experiences, Breen manages to pull off a breezy read that feels a little bit like sitting around a kitchen table reminiscing with an old friend. This book is serious and honest; it’s full of self-awareness, devoid of self-pity and very engaging.”

“This portrait is honest and raw, like a tear soaked pillow followed by a blast of dance mix music. She’s been through a lot yet somehow remains mostly positive and spins her tale in to one of warning mixed with disco balls and a good sense of humor. Showing the bad as well as the good is part of what makes this story so incredible.”

i greatly respected the author’s courage in sharing these aspects of her life. many difficult subjects were broached and with a great depth of understanding and calmness. the author’s writing style is perfect for the genre and for the subjects covered, and as a reader it was so compelling to read and definitely taught me a lot.